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The VETUS-mixer regulates and limits the temperature of the hot water.
The hot water supplied at (too) high a temperature is mixed with cold water to ensure a lower and safer temperature.

VETUS marine water heaters or calorifiers, make use of surplus heat from the engine to provide hot fresh water. They are also fitted with an electric heating element for use when the engine is not running.
All VETUS calorifiers include sturdy mounting brackets for safe installation and a complete connection set with pressure relief valve, plus a 1.5 kW electric heating element.

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Calorifiers which are heated by the engine coolant, can deliver their fresh water contents at temperatures of more than 90° C. There is always a risk that these high temperatures could cause scalding when washing or showering.

Using a mixer tap can take too long to a find a suitable temperature, with high water usage as a consequence. By fitting a thermostatic mixer, the risk of scalding is eliminated and a safe and comfortable temperature for each requirement is easily selected.

So, no more hot water wastage, a constant safe temperature at the tap and energy saving. The thermostatic mixer is provided with G½ thread. The temperature is infinitely adjustable between 30° and 70° C.

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