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Microprocessor controlled “switch mode” battery charger which charges a battery in five separate stages. Batteries are charged 1.5 times faster compared with conventional battery chargers. The BC12051 is also capable of ‘refreshing’ and maintaining batteries.

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Extend the life of your batteries with this 'smart' 5-stage charger!

VETUS introduces a new 12 Volt, 5 Ampere battery charger.

This new microprocessor controlled 'switch mode' charger will charge a battery in five separate stages.

Thanks to the switch mode technology batteries are charged 1.5 times faster compared with a conventional battery charger. It is also capable of 'refreshing' and maintaining your battery.

The BC12051 charger will combat sulphation in the connected battery, thus lengthening its life span. Sulphate builds up on and between the plates when a battery is left unused, in either a discharged or partially charged state. Sulphate growth on the battery plates will then diminish the performance of the battery until it is totally unusable and has to be replaced.

In the first charge stage, this battery charger sends a pulse charge current into the battery to break down the sulphate build up and lengthen the battery's life span. To prevent capacity loss, the charger's last stage is a 'float' stage. This will maintain the battery in a fully charged state thereby preventing sulphate build up.

Supports all types of lead-acid batteries: SLI (Start, Lighting, Ignition), MF (Maintenance Free), VRLA (ValveRegulated Lead Acid), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), GEL (Gel Electrolyte).

1st step: Combat sulphatation (pulse charge)

2nd step: Boost or bulk charge (max. current up to 75% of battery capacity)

3rd step: Equalize and analyze (pulsating low current until 100% capacity)

4th step: 'Top off' (Maintain boost voltage with low current to prevent over charging).

5th step: Maintenance and float charge (Maintain full capacity at a lower float voltage).

The BC12051 in brief:

  • Five stage charging 1.5 times faster charging compared with conventional chargers
  • Refreshes batteries with the de-sulphation stage
  • Maintains batteries with the float stage IP65 (dust, splash and rain proof)
  • Spark free connection
  • Reverse polarity protection O
  • vershare protection
  • Battery clamp connection cable and M8 terminal connection cable supplied as standard

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