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All-purpose 100 litre tank, suitable for diesel, waste or potable water

• Made from high-grade polyethylene

• Dimensions 1010 mm x 390 mm x 315 mm (l x w x h)

• Completely new design with reinforcement ribs

• 8 mm wall thickness prevents deformation (tested with 4 p.s.i.)

• 38 mm connector for interconnection purpose or draining

• Large inspection port to meet ISO21487 requirements

• ILT type cap for easy opening

• Ready for ILT connection kits (see VETUS catalogue for more information)

• Easy to clean and maintenance-free design

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Fresh-, grey-, black water or diesel: this tank can handle it

The first in a new series of tanks to be introduced by VETUS: meet the APT100.

Made from high-grade polyethylene, this large capacity tank handles almost any liquid you would like to store on your boat.

The APT100 is completely new and designed from scratch. It features reinforcement ribs and has 8 mm thick walls to prevent deformation under load.

Tested with 0,3 bar (4 p.s.i.) pressure, the APT100 showed significantly less deformation compared with its main competitors.

The tank is supplied as standard with a large diameter inspection port to which different ILT connection kits can be installed.

On the bottom is a 38 mm connector that can be drilled out for linking or draining purposes.

The robust appearance and the all-new design make this the tank to have.

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