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To create structural adhesives.

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MIcrofibres are very fine wood-cellulose fibres commonly used to create structural adhesives for bonding both wood and GRP.

Because any low viscosity resin system is readily absorbed into a wood surface, an unfilled adhesive may have a tendency to give a 'dry joint'.

Because of their absorbent properties, microfibres can retain a significant quantity of adhesive within a joint and limit resin absorption into the surrounding wood fibres, thus ensuring an adequate resin supply for adhesion. 

Where the strongest bond is required, e.g. scarf joints on any type of timber, microfibres should always be used on structural wood joints, in preference to hollow sphere-types of filler.

For bonding parrallel to the grain with lower density, lower strength timbers, such as cedar or obeche, a microballoon mix is adequate.

Composition: Milled bleached cellulose wood pulp

Appearance: White 'fluffy' fibrous consistency

Particle Size: 200-300 microns

Bulk Density: 100g/litre

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