RYA Dinghy Techniques (G93)

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2011 edition
Reprinted 2017

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Featuring seven experts sailing six popular modern single-handed and twin-crewed dinghies this is for sailors who want to develop their knowledge, understanding, and sailing expertise.

From the novice wanting to get to grips with the basics to the hotshot who wants to be at the head of the fleet, this book gives the latest and most innovative sailing techniques and racing strategies.

It is filled with all the top tips, secrets and advice every dinghy sailor craves, so join the experts on the water and learn…

  • Preparing your Boat, Self and Crew
  • Reading the Wind
  • Sheeting, Tweaking & Trimming
  • Points of Sailing and Maximum Speed
  • Spinnaker Sailing
  • Helm Crew Communications
  • Turning Negatives into Positives
  • Understanding the Inner Game

This book covers a variety of dinghies to reflect typical modern designs, which provide user-friendly sailing, great performance and good value for recreational, high performance and regatta sailors.

RS Q’BA and RS Vision suitable for novices and improvers through to intermediate level.

Laser Radial and RS200 for improved boat handling techniques that are vital for racing.

High Performance:
RS500 and RS700 for skiff-style high speed sailing with asymmetric spinnakers and trapezes.
Comprehensively written by leading RYA author Jeremy Evans and richly illustrated with clear and instructive photographs and diagrams, RYA Dinghy Techniques is required reading!

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