Architectural Rigging



Our Architectural Rigging can liven up your home, deck or business with a sleek modern look using our custom swaged wires and professional fittings. Preserve your breathtaking views and open up stuffy staircases with near invisible railings and banisters.

Environmentally friendly

The 316 grade stainless steel we use in our wire is made from 60% recycled material and requires no additional chemical treatment.

Low maintenance

Never paint your pool fence again! Our stainless steel riggings and posts will give a beautiful, unencumbered border for your pool area that needs no maintenance. Wire swaging prevents the crevices and openings that lead to rust and part failure, making sure you can trust your deck railing etc. for years to come.

Professional parts and service

With over 40 years in marine rigging, we have rigged yachts and sailboats in every possible manner, and love interesting new projects. We understand the importance of parts and work that will last and keep a selection of fittings we’ve trusted for years.
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